Find the nth particular Weekday in a Month for a given Year

Hi all,

Here is a small Cmdlet named Get-NDayOfMonth that’s an extented version of the Get-PatchTuesdayDate Cmdlet already published earlier on this blog. Basically this new Cmdlet Get-NDayOfMonth is a generic form of the Get-PatchTuesdayDate that return a System.DateTime object corresponding to the nth particular Weekday in a Month for a given Year.

Here is the code:

I hope this will be helpful for someone !

Automated Module Testing – Part 2


This post about Automated Module Testing follows the previous one and gives a finished theoretical example of what my future Automated Module Testing will produce as output.
I’ll use the same scheme to demonstrate how it works ! First of all here is a Cmdlet taken from my ExcelPSLib Powershell module (version 0.6.0 Dev version)

Now here is the complete test Cmdlet generated to test the OOXML-Export Cmdlet:

And here is the code to use the Cmdlet tester :

An the output looks like:


I’ll release a first version of this unit tester as soon as possible… Stay tuned 😉



Here is a little Cmdlet that is part of those that are loaded with my Powershell profile:

Have a nice day !