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[Cmdlet] – SCCM 2012 – Get-ComplianceInformation


Here is a small script to trigger and get the compliance information of a specific worstation.

Usage example :

You will then receive a list containing all the configuration baseline assigne to the system. Select one of them and the script will trigger the evaluation and return the current status.

Enjoy !

[Cmdlet] Add-ConfigMgr10RegistryEntriesForLocalSystem

A few days ago I was trying to run a script with Cmdlet comming from the Config Manager 2012 R2 Powershell module as “Local System” and I noticed that the module could not load correctly under “Local System”. I’ve searched the internet and I found my way to the solution with the help of this Blog post. Here is a small Cmdlet that will add all the required registry entries for the “Local System” account so you can run Configuration Manager Cmdlet under a “Local System” context !

Enjoy !

SCCM 2012 R2 – Log File Helper

Hi all,

Anyone working with System Center Configuration Manager knows it, SCCM comes with an impressive number of log files, the purpose of some of them is well known by the initiate but there is also a lot of them for which the purpose is more or less unknown…
I was bored to always check the “Technical Reference for Log Files in Configuration Manager“, so I quickly converted their list to a csv and made a very simple WPF application.

This application is available here : SCCM Log File Helper

Enjoy !