[Cmdlet] Get-PrinterQueuesMacAddress

Hi all,

This time I’ll share a little script I’ve made to retrieve the MAC addresses of your Printers Queues even if the devices are not in the same subnet. Of course there are some limitations. First of all the printers should support the SNMP protocol. If it is not the case it won’t work obviously ^^

Also you will need a special tool for this to function : NMAP
NMAP is (I think) the most powerfull network discovery and security auditing tool ever made, possibilities are infinite and he is damn fast at doing his job 😉

So first of all, download and install NMAP.

Now that NMAP is installed you will be able to use the Cmdlet !

Here is the code :

And here is an usage example :

You just have to provide a server list and the path where nmap.exe is located !

Enjoy !

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