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[Script] Rust – Oxide Plugin Lister

Hi all,

On my way to the automation, I’ve made this little piece of code that will list all Rust Oxide plugin available on Oxidemod.org.

To use this script you need the following DLL “Html Agility Pack

[Script] Rust – Oxide Plugin Downloader

*** Oops Sorry, The download URI of the Oxide mod location is not valid… Some argument must be passed to get the latest version…. I’ll investigate and fix this !!!

Hi all,

Something special this time ^^ I wanted to run my own Rust Dedicated Server but one of my problem was the automation of the Oxide plugins update process so I’ve decided to write a small Powershell script ^^
I also found other thing that should be automated and in my next post I’ll publish a fully automated solution taking care of :

  • Start/Stop/Restart the server if required using WebRcon (TODO)
  • Update the Rust Dedicated Server version when a new version is out (TODO)
  • Update the Oxide Mod version when a new version is out (DONE)
  • Update the Oxide plugins when a new version of a plugin is out (DONE and taking care of Extensions too)
  • This solution will only works for people managing their own dedicated server and thus having a full OS Access.

    Here is the code for the automated plugins update :